Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Maintaining Optimal Health

I just returned from a week at Sanoviv Medical Institute and all of my test results were great!  My doctor said that he normally doesn't see results this good!  Of course, he is usually dealing with people who have come there because they are dealing with serious health conditions.  I've just defeated cancer on 6 different occasions.

This was my first doctor's visit of any kind in 13 months.  That's the longest period of time between visits in the last 17 years.  I have had check-ups or treatments every 3 to 6 months, or more frequently since 1993.

This blog entry is titled "Maintaining Optimal Health", because that's what you learn to do at Sanoviv.  Every evening they provide a 1 - 2 hour class on nutrition, mental health, proper digestion or another related topic.  You are assigned a primary doctor, dentist, chiropractor and nutritionist.  Each of them are specialists in their area.  Your room has a beautiful ocean view.  Your meals are included.  You have a heavy, raw vegetable diet, but you also have some great fish and chicken dishes.  On Saturday nights, you get a dessert.  One morning is pancake day and they have some awesome, fluffy, gluten-free pancakes.  On Thursday, it's time to give you digestive track a break, so it is a liquid diet all day.  If you like meditation, or you have never tried it, you can attend a meditation class every morning.  Then, you can go to light stretching class every morning before breakfast.

While there, I was asked to do a video testimonial of my experiences at Sanoviv.  That should be posted on YouTube soon.

Did you know that you can have a cholesterol level that is too low?  It is unhealthy to have a level below 150.  Your body needs good cholesterol was good health.

A major emphasis in the area of nutrition is to make your diet "gluten-free".  Gluten is the new, major problem for a lot of people.  Many people are developing allergies, because fast foods are loaded with gluten products.  Of course, for those of you that bake, flour contains gluten.  So, avoid gluten when you can.  By the way, USANA has several gluten-free food products--Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal, Peanut Butter Nutrition Bar, and the Chocolate Fusion Bar, among others.

Also, I was put on a protein and good fats diet (very low carbs), because I am not absorbing my nutrients as efficiently as I should.  After doing this for 3 months, and continuing to eat a healthy diet, my gut should function as designed by our Creator.  Did you know that you can eat all of the natural, raw butter and not gain weight?  It's a good fat for us.

Give yourself the gift of good health, or share it with a friend!  If you decide to go to Sanoviv, I would appreciate it if you would use me as the referral person, and use my code GB100579.  

If you are one of my Facebook friends, you can view a Sanoviv testimonial video that I made a short time ago there.

Have a great Holiday season!

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