Thursday, May 5, 2011

Are You Expecting The BEST?

Do you have the right kind of expectations?   Do you expect to receive the BEST or the WORST?

"The Law of Attraction" teaches us that whatever we give focus and energy to--that is what we are going to receive.  So, I suggest that you focus on great things to come!

That is really hard for some people.  Many individuals do not believe that they deserve good.  Live a good life.  Put others first.  Care for your own family.  Help people in need!  If you focus on these types of deeds, good will also come to you.

Expect the best!  You do deserve it.  Don't let anyone tell you "You don't deserve it."  They may not, but you do.  Stay positive.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Are You Grateful For?

Even during our darkest days we  have so much to be thankful for.  God has definitely blessed me and my family.

Teaching bad habits early!

When I was diagnosed with cancer almost 18 years ago, one of my first goals was to live long enough to see my children graduate high school.  For my youngest, that was  8 years away.  Not a lot of non-Hodgkins lymphoma patients live that long.  But I can tell you today, that all three children have graduated college and are all married.  Three weeks ago, Gwen and I were in Houston to enjoy the birth of our first grandchild.  Last week we returned to babysit while Momma go out for the first time.

In June, 1993, I never thought about a "bucket list" per se, but there were definitely milestones I wanted to reach in this life and I am so grateful that I have greatly exceeded all of those expectations!

When times are tough, don't let yourself stress too much, or become depressed.  Rather, spend your time counting your blessings.

A "bucket list" is a good thing.  We all need to have goals and dreams.  Create, or update your list, then start celebrating as you check out the items on the list.

Cash Aaron - Our latest blessing!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

All Network Marketing Companies Are NOT Created Equal!

When some people hear MLM, multi-level marketing or network marketing, they ask, "Is this one of those pyramid schemes?"  I ask them, "What do you mean by that?"  Some respond, "Where only the people at the top make all the money!"

If that's your perception, then let me briefly explain why USANA is so different.
  • There were approximately 200,000 active associates in about 14 countries when we started in 2004, yet we were recognized at the 2010 USANA International Convention last year as being in the Top 200 income earners.
  • We can only grow our income by starting new business centers (virtual stores) at the bottom of our organization.
Did you ever consider that the organizational structure of every Corporation is a pyramid.

As an employee, can you ever make as much money as your boss or the President of the company?

In USANA, I have the potential to earn more than anyone who started their business before me.
The U.S. Government is one of the largest pyramids in the world.

Here are some other key differences.
  • USANA is a 19-year-old company, publicly traded on the NYSE under the symbol USNA.
  • Associates DON'T get paid for recruiting people - you are paid on volume of products sold.
  • You get paid on the volume of everyone in your organization.
Network Marketing is the industry of growth in the 21st Century.  If you aren't networking, you may not be working!

Monday, February 7, 2011

How's Your Life Going?

Are you happy with your current place in life?  Are you doing what you want to do?  Does it seem to good to be true?  If not, then what is keeping you from having the life that you want?

I think it is very simple.  As the great motivational speaker, Les Brown puts it, "You aren't hungry enough!"  Until we are hurting so bad that we will do anything to change our life, some people will never get out of their comfort zone.

For years, I know that I was a perfectionist.  One of the biggest problems with a perfectionist is that they are afraid to embarrass themself.  They won't get out and try something unique, something that might make them stand out, because they are afraid of failure.

If you have a USANA business and it is not growing, it is pretty simple--you are not talking to enough people, or you are not sending the right message.   You can offer the #1 Nutritional products to people.  You can offer the #1 company in network marketing, both documented by third-party sources, so what is holding you back?  Probably YOU!

You must present your business with great confidence and excitement.  You must exhibit the confidence that you know you are going to be successful.  You could be saying the right things, but if you don't show any enthusiasm, it doesn't matter.  It must be evident to people that you love what you are doing and they would love it too.

Failure only happens if you are not introducing USANA to other people.  You can go too far--you can talk too much about USANA to your friends.  If you mention USANA to one of your prospects every time you see them, then you are saying too much, unless they are asking you for more info, or asking how your business is doing, you need to make it a point to NOT mention USANA in the next couple of conversations.

Failure is not sharing your business with others!

If you are introducing USANA to people on a regular basis and your business is not growing today, don't worry about it.  The other thing is that you can't just talk to the same people over and over.  You have to get out and meet new people--contact people you haven't approached before.  When you are approaching new people, you are planting seeds.  Don't burn any bridges.  If people are not in "the looking mode" it doesn't matter what you say to them.  Build relationships and work your business.  When people see you later and ask, "Are you still doing that business?" and your response is, "Absolutely!", they will be impressed.

Don't be a failure.  Action overcomes fear.  So what if you look silly a few times.  It didn't kill me the first 1,000 times I did it, so it probably won't the next.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sanoviv - Delivers Hope When Most Doctor's Can't

The current issue of the USANA magazine, Vol 1 2011, has in-depth group of articles about Sanoviv.  If you are a USANA associate, use the magazine as a prospecting tool.  Show people the science behind USANA.

Click here to see the entire USANA magazine on-line.  It is large, 11MB, so it will take a minute to download the PDF file.

Here's my article.

If you are not a USANA associate, but would like to learn more about Sanoviv or USANA, please email me.

If you are looking to go to Sanoviv, and a Sanoviv patient has not referred you, please use my referral code, GB100579.  The code will create a $100 credit for your stay.

Check out Sanoviv's improved website.

Take charge of your health!