Monday, February 7, 2011

How's Your Life Going?

Are you happy with your current place in life?  Are you doing what you want to do?  Does it seem to good to be true?  If not, then what is keeping you from having the life that you want?

I think it is very simple.  As the great motivational speaker, Les Brown puts it, "You aren't hungry enough!"  Until we are hurting so bad that we will do anything to change our life, some people will never get out of their comfort zone.

For years, I know that I was a perfectionist.  One of the biggest problems with a perfectionist is that they are afraid to embarrass themself.  They won't get out and try something unique, something that might make them stand out, because they are afraid of failure.

If you have a USANA business and it is not growing, it is pretty simple--you are not talking to enough people, or you are not sending the right message.   You can offer the #1 Nutritional products to people.  You can offer the #1 company in network marketing, both documented by third-party sources, so what is holding you back?  Probably YOU!

You must present your business with great confidence and excitement.  You must exhibit the confidence that you know you are going to be successful.  You could be saying the right things, but if you don't show any enthusiasm, it doesn't matter.  It must be evident to people that you love what you are doing and they would love it too.

Failure only happens if you are not introducing USANA to other people.  You can go too far--you can talk too much about USANA to your friends.  If you mention USANA to one of your prospects every time you see them, then you are saying too much, unless they are asking you for more info, or asking how your business is doing, you need to make it a point to NOT mention USANA in the next couple of conversations.

Failure is not sharing your business with others!

If you are introducing USANA to people on a regular basis and your business is not growing today, don't worry about it.  The other thing is that you can't just talk to the same people over and over.  You have to get out and meet new people--contact people you haven't approached before.  When you are approaching new people, you are planting seeds.  Don't burn any bridges.  If people are not in "the looking mode" it doesn't matter what you say to them.  Build relationships and work your business.  When people see you later and ask, "Are you still doing that business?" and your response is, "Absolutely!", they will be impressed.

Don't be a failure.  Action overcomes fear.  So what if you look silly a few times.  It didn't kill me the first 1,000 times I did it, so it probably won't the next.

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