Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do You Write Goals?

For years, I told people that I didn't need to write goals down.  I was successful climbing the Corporate ladder and receiving promotions.  How dumb was I?  But, I have changed!

I changed and things started happening for me.  I was never taught during my school years that it was necessary to write goals.  Sure, people told me that you need to have goals, but I was never told that you need to write specific goals down and read them daily.  I am still working on making this an every day routine.  It hasn't become a habit yet, but I'm a lot better at it than I used to be.

There are multiple ways to do this.
  • Writing a specific goal and posting it in a prominent place that you look at daily
  • Write a movie script that describes what a perfect day for you would be like--smells, sites, people around you, the location, etc.
  • Write affirmations on a 3"x5" card that are positive statements to get you thinking positively
No matter how you do it, there are a few key points that are important in everyone of these!
  1. You must write or speak in the present tense, not future
  2. You must be as specific as possible with exact amounts of money or whatever the exact goal is, and the exact day on which you expect to achieve the goal
  3. You must read your statement(s) daily
  4. They must be achievable
Another way to have a visual motivation is to create a Vision Board or Dream Board.  This poster will have pictures of things that represent what you want most in life, whether that is a specific car, travel to certain countries, vacation with the family, a new home, a new television, or whatever.

The important thing is that you must do one or more of things on a daily basis so that you will always remember why you are living life and what you are working to gain!  If we have nothing to gain, we lose motivation very quickly.

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