Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life Happens -- Stay Positive Through All!

Our business partners have experienced a lot of trying times recently, but they always seem to be very upbeat and inspiring.  It is so important that you look for the positive blessings out of every road block in your life.

One person recently lost their job, so we received a call, asking if we could still get specially priced tickets for convention and if we knew of someone that they could share hotel expenses with.  Instead of saying, I don't have a job, so there is no way that I can spend money on gas, event passes, food and hotel for 4 days, they were ready to learn how to build the business.  That's exciting!

Another partner has had a lot of serious health challenges and didn't know until the last week if they could attend the USANA International Convention, but then we received the call that said "I'm coming."  Wow!  We had decided that it would in their best interest to not come, because of health challenges, but that didn't stop them.

Another associate had just received a preliminary diagnosis that the doctor was pretty certain they had cancer and surgery was scheduled immediately following convention.  Did that stop them?  Absolutely not.  In fact, they were updating their names list so they could start building their business soon after they got home.  They scheduled multiple appointments for the next week. 

If you keep yourself focused on moving forward in life, you have a lot less time to worry about the negative possibilities.   You can learn a lot from the drive and positive vibes that you receive from these people.  If they didn't tell you what was going on, you would have no clue that they were facing some major obstacles that life had thrown at them. 

Maintaining a 'positive energy' at all times is the best possible thing you can do in trying times.  It may be that your business leader is doing a lot of stuff that is very frustrating and it's easy to let that get you down, but it can't keep you down.  You must not let anyone stop you from moving your life forward in the your desired direction. 

Are you going to let someone else stand between you and your goal?  You shouldn't.  Ignore the negative and stay positive!

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