Friday, September 3, 2010

Sanoviv - Ever Heard of It?

If you are into Health, then you need to plan a trip to Sanoviv.  Add it to your bucket list!  Going there is like going to a 5-star health spa for medical care.  If you are a cancer patient--when was the last time your oncologist consulted your dentist to determine the status of your health?  It never happened for me until I went to Sanoviv.  They treat so much more than cancer, so visit the Sanoviv website to learn more.

Sanoviv was founded by Dr. Myron Wentz, who is also the founder of USANA Health Sciences, that is where the link ends.  You don't have to be in USANA to be a patient at SanovivSanoviv is for the world!  But, Sanoviv emphasizes the science that is behind the USANA products, because USANA products are used as part of your treatment at Sanoviv.  Everyone needs optimal nutrition.

I have been a patient at Sanoviv three different times.  The care that you receive is amazing!  The first time was for a health assessment.  On day two, I was informed that my next form of cancer would be liver cancer if I didn't start a detoxification program.  For the next 10 days, I was placed on a detox program.   For 7 straight days my diet consisted of nothing but vegetable juices and some fruit juices. By the end of my stay, my blood work had totally changed!  When I returned home, several friends told me that my complexion was amazing.  I didn't have a yellowish tint to my skin anymore is what several noticed.

The second trip was a follow-up and another 1-week detox program.  The last trip was for surgery when my cancer returned for the sixth time. What they did next is the amazing part!  They took my tumor into a lab for two different purposes.  They cultured healthy, donor, white blood cells on the tumor.  Then, they made an oral vaccine for me, containing the white blood cells that had been 'programmed' to fight my cancer, and I took that vaccine over a period of 6 months.  My immune system has been rebuilt to fight my cancer, which it never had before.  Finding the right chemo drug for treatment was the second purpose.  They tested 6 different drugs on my tumor to determine which one was most effective--outside my body!  It took my immune system two years to completely rebuild itself and I was in treatment during that time.  The testing concluded that Rituxan was the best drug for me and that's what was administered for the next 2 years--32, 3-hour, IV treatments in all.  Today, I should be cancer-free!  Sanoviv doctor's were the first to tell me that they have a high cure rate for my type of cancer.

At Sanoviv, they treat the individual, not the general disease, which is different than going to an oncologist in the states.  For 17 years, my oncologists have said, "You have non-Hodgkins lymphoma and we treat it this way ..." without trying to determine the root cause. 

Sanoviv has just started a surgical program for MS, multiple sclerosis, patients, that has been very successful.  Recent studies have shown that MS is caused by blockages in our veins.  If you have MS, or you know an MS patient, you MUST tell them about this.

If you plan to go to Sanoviv, please let them know that I referred you, and use my referral code GB100579 to receive a $100 credit.

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