Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Most Under Diagnosed Deficiency!

Dr. Wentz's opening comments at this year's USANA International Convention focused on the value of Vitamin D.  He stated that Vitamin D deficiency is the most under diagnosed problem in the world.

One of many interesting points he made was that the closer people live to the Equator, the less cancer exists in their society.  Why?  The SUN.  When we are in the sunlight, and we have not used a sun-blocker, our body will manufacture Vitamin D.

Dr. Wentz recommends that we get out in the sunlight, 15-20 minutes per day without any sunscreen, so that we can maintain our Vitamin D levels.  Of course, we should all supplement with the USANA Vitamin D.  It is very potent and inexpensive.  One in the morning  and one in the evening is needed.   You can't overdose, but having a deficiency makes you much more susceptible to cancers and other diseases.  Dr. Wentz stated that the Vitamin D deficiency is a major cause for the rise in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) cases the last several years.

With winter coming, everyone needs to get their order in for Vitamin D and keep it on hand.  We can't overdose, and we are putting our health in great danger if we become deficient.

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