Friday, August 13, 2010

Don't Be Predictable

Some people are so predictable.  They always do the same things, day after day.  I can be that way, but I like to surprise people at times.

I coached my kids baseball, softball and basketball teams when they were young.  I can remember in baseball in particular, there would be situations when the pitcher was having a hard time throwing strikes.  I would call time out, and when I got to the pitcher, I would say "What are you going to do after the game?" or "Was that clown funny at the circus?"  Something off the wall.  For a second they quit thinking about their frustration with pitching or the umpire.  Instead of additional pressure, sometimes we just need to forget about things and have fun!

Live life!  Do something you have never done before.  Get out of your comfort zone!  What have you always wanted to do, but you never had the guts to do it?  Put it on your bucket list and make it happen!  There are not guarantees of how many opportunities you will have.

Go sky diving; attend the monster jam; fly in a hot air balloon, or go sing karaoke. Have you always wanted to change your environment and move somewhere where you don't know anyone?  If so, make plans and read affirmations to make your dreams a reality!

Have a great weekend!

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