Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Your Attitude is A Choice!

Do you choose to be a happy person?  Or, are you a pessimist?  Many people do not see themselves as negative, yet they really are.  They are constantly complaining about how much gas costs; how much food costs; how bad the traffic is; how horrible our government is, etc.  Is that you?

If we choose to be happy, we will be grateful for all of the good things that we see or experience and not just take it for granted, or worse yet, expect something bad to happen, because something good just happened.  Is this your attitude--You just know that things can't continue to go smoothly.  Hey!  It's easy to get caught in that rut, but you shouldn't!  Nothing productive will result from you having negative thoughts, or expecting "bad" to happen.

Practice 'positive affirmations.'  You will be surprised how you can turn around your life expecting that "good" will happen today.  Practice statements like, "I am excited about what I can do for others today", or "I am so grateful for the life that I have", or "I am so fortunate to have a healthy family", or "I am so grateful that I am healthy and have a great family".  When you start your day with an "attitude of gratitude", you will experience a great day.  If you start your day with negative thoughts, you will continue down that road and it will not be a good day.

If necessary, take a 3"x5" card and write your positive affirmations, then, start every morning by reading those affirmation cards until you don't need to read them, because they have become your normal thought process.

Choose to be happy and when someone asks you how you are doing, or how your day is going, respond with "Great!" or "Awesome!" or "Life couldn't be better!"

Have a great day!

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