Monday, August 23, 2010

USANA International Convention

This is an exciting week for me.  The USANA Int'l Convention has been voted the #1 Corporate live event in the US for the last 2 years.  Can't wait to see what new products will be introduced and business changes.  I'm excited to learn more about the new presentation DVD that will help new business partners a great deal.

For me, it's always exciting to hear Dr. Wentz and Denis Waitley speak.  I want to take in every opportunity to do so, because we never know how many more we will have.  It's a great time to reconnect with team members from all over that we don't get to see on a regular basis, although our time is way too limited.  Reconnecting with cross-line USANA associates from New Zealand, England and across the US is always great.  We have built a lot of great relationships through USANA over the years.

I'm really glad to see that USANA will be recording a lot of the events so that associates who can't make the event can see a lot of it online.  This will be the first year for that.

I plan to provide some updates this week, but they will be limited.  I'll be back on a regular basis next week.

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