Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Education Stifles Creativity

When I started teaching this concept in a dream building workshop, I had no idea how many websites supported this concept.

Studies show that by the age of 5, children use 80% of their creative capacity!  Yes, 80%!  By the age of 12, young people use 2%!  Not much creativity, huh?  Most people live the rest of their lives only using 2% of their creative capacity. 

So what happened between age 5 and age 12?  Education!

Education is necessary for everyone to succeed in life.  At the same time, we must not let education destroy our ability to be imaginative and spontaneous!  Our education system teaches us how to be conformists!  We are taught that we must speak or act a certain way to be acceptable in society.

If you are taught what to do and how to do it, how creative can you be?  There is not much room for expressing your personality in that plan.

I totally bought into this whole process when I was young.  I was class president my junior and senior years in high school.  I was also Student Council President and Salutatorian.  I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 3.5 years with a double-major in Business Management and Business Administration.  I climbed the corporate ladder over a 30-year career.  I have been happily married for over 36 years, with 3 children, the typical middle class, American family.

But then I became part of the #1 Company in network marketing.  I started seeing many young couples who taught dream building workshops and how we need to write goals and read them daily.  Their success spoke for itself.  They were living the life they were promoting, so I finally told my analytical self, "Shut up and listen!"  I started writing goals, even a movie script, and reading them daily, and it has been totally life changing.  Below is a picture of my work truck today.

Now I am the non-conformist in my neighborhood!

I'm not afraid to be different.  My wife has always had a promoter personality, but it has been a transformation for me.  But, I was able to leave Corporate America at age 53, so it has been so worth it!

You must take action to make your dreams a reality!

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