Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Are You The Friend That You Want Others to Be With You?

Surprises, shocks, disappointments, friends turning on you.  They all result in surprising you.  Some are positive and some are very disappointing.  It really shows you those who are your friends and those that simply use you.  At times it may not be a friend that wrongs you, but rather a third-party who heard something about you and took a shot at you.

A true friend will let you know what they are thinking, whether it is something you would like to hear or not.  Friends can share their differences and still be friends.  A good friendship many more good times than bad.  The solid relationships will cause you to overlook the rare instances when you are blindsided or surprised!  In addition, a true friend will know when one of your sarcastic remarks was just a funny line, and when you really meant it.  Friendships may be put on hold when one of the parties offends the other, but in most cases, a short time heals the situation and the offender will apologize to the one offended.

Are you one that will work hard to keep the friendship sound?  If the other person offends you, do you have the courage to let them know?  Sometimes, that person doesn't even realize that they said or did something offensive.  You would be a friend by letting them know that it was hurtful and something they should not do.  Other times, they may try to take advantage of the relationship and you need to let them know that is not acceptable.  Every situation is different.  You have to decide what is best.  Some people want to avoid confrontation at all costs and that ends up leading to them being hurt time and time again.  Don't be one that is confrontational, but have the courage to let someone know when they have overstepped the boundary and wronged you.

When the friendship is fairly new, you may very well have some interesting situations.  The other person may not respond just the way you expected.  It may be that you made a sarcastic statement and they didn't understand that you were just teasing.  You need to be aware when you do or say something that is a little edgy, to watch the person's response.  Was their response spontaneous or did they seem confused, startled or puzzled?  You may need to explain yourself, before the situation escalates.

Are you the friend that you want others to be with you?  If you will honestly evaluate yourself from time to time, then your attitude is in the right place!  If you never feel that you do anything wrong and it is always the other person at fault, you are probably at fault!  Be honest with yourself.  Everyone else knows!

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