Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Great To Be Home!

First, I need to apologize to my regulars.  Traveling got me out of the habit of writing.  We had several early mornings with the Akron Diamond University and working with others.  I haven't worked that hard in quite a while and it felt good.

No matter how good of a time you have when you go somewhere, it always feels great when you get home.  You are back to sleeping in your own bed, using your own shower and life gets back to normal (whatever that is).  I've played basketball the last two days, so I got back in my exercise routine.  It actually wasn't too bad after a two week break.

We had a very productive and enjoyable trip to Ohio Amish Country.  We have made a lot of new friends and business partners.  We were there 12 days and took the least expensive route, flying standby, because our daughter-in-law works for Continental Airlines, but there are still a lot of expenses.  Between airfare, rental car and parking, we spent about $700, then there were product purchases for sampling and a Sense' party, plus business tools.  Flying standby can also give you some scheduling skills.  The flight that we were booked on ended up being full, a 2:55pm flight.  The next flight to Houston was also full, but then I went on the Internet and saw a flight from Cleveland to Newark to San Antonio.  I called my daughter-in-law, she said it looked open and so we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the Newark, NJ airport, then had a 3.5 hour flight to San Antonio.  We made it home the same day.  We were able to decompress from a busy two weeks and everything was great!

The one thing that surprised me, was that the typical Amish meals are carbohydrate intensive.  You have yeast rolls to start every meal at a restaurant and who can turn those down.  When they brought 2 rolls to the table and asked if we wanted more, we told them not to bring any more, because if we had them, we would eat 'em. Then, those people love noodles or french fries with their meals.  Their pastries were delicious--cinnamon rolls, cream-filled pastries and pies.  Broasted chicken and Swiss steak are mainstays for lunch or dinner.  Fortunately, we were so busy that we usually only ate 2 meals a day, so neither one of us gained any weight, much to our surprise.  It wasn't a healthy diet, but it was good, just not good for you.  Now it's back to our healthier meals with USANA shakes every morning, fresh Pico in the fridge and low-glycemic meals during the week.  I splurge on weekends and have my desserts then.

That's all for today, except a few more pictures.

Barn on a curve of the main road we traveled to work with one of the associates.

Parking area for buggies at Troyer's Market (grocery).

One of our associates sells beautiful, all wood caskets by day.

Baby pony feeding out in the country.

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