Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Positive Influences Are Important!

Do you watch the news on TV?  Would you agree that a majority of the news is very depressing?  The US economy is in the tanks; wars continue; constant reports of new ponzi schemes; crime, and moral corruption among celebrities and sports figures.

I would suggest that you need to stay away from the news on the television or radio.  Instead, find an inspirational audio book, paperback or whatever.  A personal development CD can set you in the right frame of mind for the day.

Do you start the day by watching the news or reading the newspaper?  Where do you turn in the newspaper--leading stories are usually bad news about political battles, government corruption or crime.  I know that some people turn to the obituaries to see who died and that is not very uplifting.

I watch too much TV, but the majority of what I watch is sports.  I love rooting for my favorite teams, or rooting against those I can't stand.  The special stories that they have are usually informative and a good insight story about a particular athlete, but this last year has been filled with reports of immorality with the likes of Ben, Roethlisberger, Tiger Woods and now, Brett Favre.

We would all be better off if we turned to the Bible, or personal development books, DVDs or CDs that are uplifting and encouraging.  If we would focus on starting each day with something positive, our attitude would be set to the right thought process.

Spend time on your way to work listening to a motivating CD or reflecting on things that you should be grateful for.  If you stay at home, start with some personal time in reflecting on things that you appreciate, or reading the Bible.  Start the day with a positive influence, whatever that is for you, and you are much more likely to enjoy your day.

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