Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In My View - Why Network Marketing Turns Off People!

Do you find that some people are very receptive to Network Marketing and others are very turned off by it?  That's just like anything else.  There are people for it and people against it.

Many baby-boomers were turned off by the Amyway approach from many years ago.  People would lie to your face, because they were taught to never tell a prospect what the name of the company was until they were in a presentation.  I even had people that I attended church with, lie to me.  I hate to admit that, but will definitely turn off people.

Support, or lack thereof, is a huge reason why people are turned off by Network Marketing, or MLMs.  They enroll, pay the money, then they never see their sponsor again.

Then, there are companies that require you to carry a significant inventory of products.  For most people, this runs up their credit card balances much quicker than they can move the product.  This give a person a bad taste very quickly when their garage or closet is filled with products that haven't moved--that's pressure!

If a person is only able to make a significant income as long as they recruit new people, then they grow weary of having to constantly recruit.  Instead, our compensation is based on the amount of product consumed in our business network.  We don't get paid for recruiting people.

So, how do you overcome this?  If the person is belligerent, just move on to the next person.  If the person expresses concerns, but still has an interest, then:
1.  You must sell yourself.  You must make them believe that you will be there to support them.
2.  You can explain to them that USANA is very different.
     A.  Associates never sign a contract with USANA.  You can freeze your auto-ship at any time.  All you
           lose is your accumulated volume when you freeze your auto-ship.
     B.  Therefore, we have no sales quotas.  No weekly or monthly volume is required to keep your business
3.  Be upfront with people and let them know you represent USANA Health Sciences.
4.  A true residual income can be built with a consumable product.

Believe that you have a gift of health and financial freedom and you will be successful!  Keep sharing!

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