Monday, October 25, 2010

What Does Your facebook Say About You?

Are you a big fan of facebook?  Do you constantly update your status?  You have a lot of FB friends that are watching you and forming opinions about you, based on what you post.

facebook can be a great place to promote yourself and it can work against you.  Are you trying to promote your business on your FB page?  Have you ever considered what kind of image you are promoting with your status updates?

Are you one of those people that others want to remove, because you constantly enter updates about senseless stuff--what TV show you just watched; how long it took to change your baby; what your dog just did; or, that you are dreading the potatoes you have to peel?  If you are providing constant updates, you may be annoying to some of your friends, and, you may be giving them the impression that you have nothing else to do.

There are other types of updates that could be detrimental to your business.
1.  You don't want to offend others by including curse words.
2.  Don't complain about never being able to afford things you want, or gripe about the cost of things, i.e.,     gasoline, medical expenses, groceries.
3.  Don't brag about being out-of-your-mind drunk from partying all night, or anything like that.

If you give the impression that you can't pay for the basics of life, then what does that tell people about your business, except that it is not making you much money.  Others will be offended with bad language, or with those that promote a party life.  Be careful what you post.  Provide status updates that will promote that person you want others to see in you.

Social media is a great way to stay connected with folks.  It can also be the wrong message, if you are careless with it.

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